First Presbyterian Church of Unionville, NY has local roots that go back to 1803 to a group concerned with building a church here. In 1825 these early Presbyterians succeeded in building their church, but due to complications of being recognized by Presbytery they had to wait until 1831, when the Presbytery of Hudson met at Westtown, to be officially recognized as a Presbyterian Church.

There are many things of interest in this church’s history. A church bell forged in 1836 was hung here in 1839. Large renovations were made in 1855 and 1910. In 1871 a Sunday school room was erected to commemorate the reunion of the Old School and New School branches of the church. Our clock was added around 1906. The longest pastorate at the church was that of Rev. Henry Frost Wadsworth who was pastor here from 1859 to 1884.

A pamphlet on this church’s history was printed in 1910. Another was printed in 1953.

Unionville Church is today a member of the conservative and reformed Bible-believing denomination, the Bible Presbyterian Church. We continue to worship God in this place, praising the Lord and thanking Him for His steadfast love to His people throughout the generations.

The church in 1902
Our Church on a postcard, 1907.
Our Church sometime before 1906
Our Church with Clock Installed, circa 1909
Our Church, 1916.
Our Church, 1935
Our Church on a postcard, 1949.
Our Church today.